STEAMLOC - The right condensate removal.

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Steamloc® has no moving parts and is therefore 100% reliable.


  • Check-up is not necessary
  • No maintenance - no downtime
  • No wear
  • No spares required
  • Resistant to water hammer
  • Requires less space - flexible orientation
  • Tailor made - traceable serial numbers


  • Prevents excessive steam-loss and eliminates back pressure rise by failing traps
  • Savings on energy consumption
  • By-passing is not necessary
  • Continuous temperature gradient throughout installation minimizes waterhammer
  • Compact construction - less heat loss - insulation permitted/advised


  • Improved heat transfer increases production rate and quality (constant drainage, no backing-up of condensate)
  • No danger to freeze - fully stainless product
  • Correct start-up times and perfect air removal

Short payback

  • Depending on the installation - could be as short as a month, mostly within 1-2 years with plant conversions


  • Performance warranted, standard warranty on material defects and workmanship.