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News April 2008

Our participation at EuroMaintenance 2008 again showed the necessity to inform many maintenance and production people how to lower their TCO definitely and at the same time ensure reliability.

Three days of workshops and lectures on nowadays maintenance techniques were alternated with high-tech presentations on the 50 boots to inform the market on latest developments on maintenance approach in general.

It was nice to welcome numbers of existing clients in a casual environment to catch up their good experience with our company. Thanks for your confidence and loyalty! And for the newcomers: we’ll be in touch soon to give you the same opportunities which the others have already. So don’t lose my name card!

Also very nice was the interest of Joel Leonard, better known as the maintenance evangelist who presides on many maintenance lectures/forums during the fair. The fact Steamloc does not require any maintenance at all, combined with an extreme life time draw Joels attention to our boot for an interview to know more about Steamloc.

Dixit ‘I’m really impressed on such kind of technology because I know from experience the costs that happen with usual condensate removal systems’. Especially the aspect of being very economical with energy on the whole life time was impressive. Hope to read your article/video interview soon on your website Joel!