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In 1984 our engineering improved a less-known technique to separate liquid phases from gas phases in general. The main principle is based on venturi technology. With the focus on steam installations, this technology permits highly economic condensate removal from all kind of steam applications. The absence of any moving parts generates logical benefits for maintenance, energy and production.

Energy efficiency can be achieved within a wide range of condensate loads. Even at high pressures. At the same time, applications with varying loads or pressures are handled in a same economical way, even though it seems just the opposite.

Detailed explanation will lead us too far on this web site. If you are interested to learn more, just contact us for a clear explanation and hypothetical case studies on site. Meanwhile check our FAQ's for preliminary answers to possible questions.

The product

At first sight, Steamloc® can be classified as a kind of steam trap based on what it actually does. But our clients call it a better solution, despite its simplicity. The way it discharges your condensate is completely different from obsolete mechanical systems. And highly efficient, worth to be named a BAT (Best Available Technology) as a permanent solution on the long term

  • Steamloc® is based on a modified multi-configured venturi jet and designed to enhance the condensate flow and at the same time inhibit passage of live steam.
  • There are no moving parts to fail and when properly sized and installed, it performs better than mechanical traps.
  • The installed capacity depends on differential pressures and loads. Each application has its unique Steamloc® which perfectly handles its running loads. Steamloc® is available for loads from <5 kg/h upwards to massive loads of 100.000 kg/h and more at differential pressures, even more than 100 bar, but also for the tiny pressure differences balancing with vacuum where mechanical traps do not even work at all.
  • Steamloc® is used for all types of applications. While mechanical traps are chosen from a catalogue and usually oversized. Each application will be equipped with its own customised Steamloc®. The same datasheets are used as for steam traps.

Steamloc® is the final and once-only action you do for each application. From that moment, you avoid any 'cost of ownership' and save money on the long term.