STEAMLOC - The right condensate removal.

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Technical information

Steamloc® doesn't perform any physical action, but gives a response to present conditions, such as pressure upstream, downstream and condensate flow.

As condensate forms, it flows to Steamloc® by gravity, together with the present steam.
As the condensate is propelled through the venturi section the live steam is impeded by the much heavier condensate. The turbulent two-phase flow (liquid & gas) through the venturi Steamloc® configuration, where the differences in physical conditions like density and velocity, laminar, turbulent, and expanding flows enable removal of all condensate, at the same time inhibiting excessive loss of live steam.

The steam consumption of this working principle remains negligible even within a wide range of varying condensate loads. This makes the Steamloc® suitable for continuous as well as discontinuous applications. Even for batch processes or pressure/temperature controlled applications is Steamloc a perfect fit.

Will Steamloc® work on varying load conditions without loosing excessive steam?
Yes! Please check our FAQ for detailed information.