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Turbulent 2-fase flow

Condensate is much denser than steam at the pressures used for heat transfer. For example: at 0,4 bar(g) steam needs 1,225 m3/kg while condensate only needs 0,001 m3/kg. So for the same mass-flow through any opening, steam requires a velocity 1225 times faster than condensate.

However velocities do not differ that much from each other as above. Condensate flows only by gravity towards the condensate removal device at about 0,5-1,5 m/s. Steam at about 30-50 m/s.

A laminar flow would be present when both condensate and steam would pass at their velocity, which would not lead to the economics that we would want. However, Steamloc® is constructed in such a way that condensate and steam mix up in a turbulent two-phase flow where the condensate continuously impedes the steam and forces it to flow pretty much at the condensate velocity. This means the mass of steam passing together with the condensate is very low and remains negligible all the time.